Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Single parent childless families

I was updating a DLL that takes XML from a web page and extracts the data from it to update a database. The web control had been upgraded from a simple data grid to a tree grid.

The DLL only handled data grids so I wrote a new routine to handle the whole tree grid, which would recursively process the child nodes.

In the original routine, I put a check for any tree like behavior within the XML and kick it out to the calling process with a simple message - "Tree", the calling process would see this message and call my new routine to process the XML in a different way.

Little did I realise that my check in the first routine had a slight bug in it, it kicked normal data grids back as trees as well but the whole process still worked, this is because the routine that handles trees with all the child nodes also handles straight lists as well.

A straight list is but a tree without the child nodes, so no problem then. I didn't leave it there of course, I tidied up the code and made it look like I meant to do that in the first place. :-)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Light hearted one

I was compressing a large file in 7Zip when I decided to cancel it, it prompted me to make sure.
So, I presume that [Yes] would cancel it, [No] would not and ahem, [Cancel], what do you do? Cancel the compression or Cancel the request to cancel?