Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Internet Explorer startup window position

One of my clients' servers that I log onto remotely had IE9 on it, being the only browser installed on that machine and being as I'm supporting a web based app for them I have no choice but to use such abomination.

I was quite annoyed in the way it always started up in the same position on the screen, quite like a postage stamp on my 1080p screen. Every time I would have to resize the window. I didn't want to maximize it as there are some icons down the left of the screen that I use to launch other things as well and a maximized IE window would cover them up.

I tried all the usual tricks to coax IE to save its window position, pressing Ctrl whilst exiting, pressing Shift whilst exiting all to no avail.

Finally I found this post from Microsoft MVP Don Varnau, basically you need to open a page in a new window, resize that, close the old window then close the new window.

This strikes me as a little odd, as a programmer I know it would take a lot more effort to program this behaviour into a system than it would to simply save the main window position on exit. What the thinking was behind that I'll never know, I can only imagine how that meeting went :-\